Drainage EIFS Wall Section: Durabond EW17

Here’s a diagram of a “dual barrier” EIFS wall cross section. Notice there are 4 substrates shown: Concrete, Masonry, Glass Mat Gypsum Board and Cement Board. A Water Penetration Barrier is designed to keep incidental water off the substrate, similar to a building wrap. Unlike a building wrap however, insulation can be adhered using insulation adhesive in drainage channels, to allow incidental water to run down the wall. Because the insulation is not mechanically attached (using screws) — you don’t have anything penetrating through the water barrier. The remaining components are similar to all other synthetic stucco cladding.

Drainage EIFS Wall Section: Durabond EW17

To have the EW17 system installed on your home in toronto, visit: stucco toronto and request that Durabond be used as the supplier.

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  1. I am looking at the section above and it appears that the entire exterior coating is applied only using durex flexcrete adhesive. What is the shear weight of this product. What is the architectural finnish? Is it like Stow or Drive It? I have only used conventional stucco can you send me more detail on this method?

  2. Hey David,
    The proper Durabond system for residential application is now Durex Flexlite ADH. It uses either Durex Monobase (a one-part base coat mixed with water) or Durex Flexcrete (a two part base coat that is mixed with an acrylic glue). For long-term durability, the Flexcrete should be used as the base coat as well as adhesive (and as the water barrier, where appropriate).

    The Monobase comes in 50lb bags that cover approximately 100 square feet – giving you about 1/2lb per square foot for the base coat. The Flexcrete can be up to 1lb/sf due to the addition of the acrylic glue, but I don’t know the numbers off-hand. As far as the overall weight of the system – I would think about 2-3lbs/sf but I don’t know the figures off hand for that either – It is considered a “light weight” cladding though.

    Both Sto and Dryvit have similar systems that should be available in Sacramento. You can find Sto Distributors and Dryvit Distributors are the links provided.

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