Early Spring for Stucco in Toronto

According to the all-knowing groundhogs, we can expect an early spring in Toronto. It’s a silly tradition, but anything that signals that this cold weather will be disappearing is a welcome sign. There are a few groundhogs throughout the U.S. and Canada that seem to predict how much longer winter will last pretty accurately. While it wasn’t a unanimous decision, the majority of the groundhogs agreed that winter will be short this year. The exception was Calgary’s psychic groundhog, who did see his shadow, indicating another 6 weeks of winter. But that’s Calgary.

EIFS (known typically as Stucco) can not be installed when the outdoor conditions are below 5 degrees Celsius. While it’s possible to get around this cold weather stucco application limitation with the use of tarps and propane, it’s an imperfect system because tarps blow off with the wind and propane cylinders run out prematurely.

Hence our optimism that somehow, groundhogs make good meteorologists.

The Toronto Sun article can be viewed at: http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2011/02/02/17122971.html

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