EIFS “Panels” Using Reveals

I was driving through London, Ontario a while back and saw what looked like panels on the London Fire Department Station. When I got closer however, I realized that it was just cleverly disguised EIFS. The architect has specified reveals to be cut into the EIFS to segment it into panels, and black spots to be placed where the screws should be holding the panels up.

EIFS Fire Department, London

Aside from providing valuable insulation, EIFS is a much less expensive material than panel products like Alucobond and Fibre-C, which can run $20-$40 per square foot. EIFS on the other hand, should cost around $10 per square foot with minor reveals included. the effect is nearly identical, but at 1/2 to 1/4 of the cost.

London EIFS Station

The material works extremely well with the reflective glass, traditional fire-hall-red bricks and stone skirt around the base. It’s a great modern re-imagining of what fire stations should look like.

London Fire Station

I can’t help but laugh however, because of articles I have seen from cities in the states where EIFS has been ignorantly outlawed. Cities and citizens alike have hired poor quality contractors who have installed an inferior system, which has either failed or caught on fire, prompting fire chiefs to speak out against the product. In Canada however, our Architects and building professionals are educated on the facts about EIFS and the improvements that have come along over the past decade. The styrofoam is treated with a fire-retardant, the system is approved for use anywhere (even meets non-combustible requirements, albeit some modifications are required at times) and it’s insulating properties fit our climate needs.


Definitely an eye-catching design.

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