Brick Falling Apart? Renew Your Home With EIFS

Toronto and it’s surrounding area has a large number of brick homes that are reaching the end of their life cycle. While brick is a great siding material by most standards, it tends to fundamentally lack in two primary aspects: design flexibility and insulating ability. As brick-clad homes in Toronto reach their 50-70 year mark they begin to flake off, and the mortar starts coming apart. The combination of newly exposed brick surrounded by weathered brick is not only unsightly, but becomes progressively worse as the seasons roll on. If your brick home is in a state of disrepair, you might want to consider Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS, like the PUCC-System by DuROCK) as a replacement for the brick.

Isn’t It Difficult To Replace Brick?

The word “replacement” is misleading. Unlike deciding to replace the brick with new brick, EIFS can be applied directly over top of the old brick. This is because EIFS is relatively light weight compared to brick, and made of components that effectively seal and protect the old brick. Being able to save the old brick means that it doesn’t need to be removed – a huge expense in itself. Additionally, brick that is removed must be disposed of in a landfill, creating rubble waste in addition to the fuel required to transport it to the landfill. In short, retrofitting your old brick walls using a system like PUCCS is a superior solution to re-cladding with brick from both a financial and environmental perspective.

It Sounds Too Good To Be True. What’s the catch.

Ok. There is a big, I mean huge… mountain sized… almost insurmountable problem that arises when retrofitting your home with EIFS. You might as well give up before even starting. Seriously.

You’re going to have design your home to your personal tastes.


What a problem to have, right? Unlike traditional brick or vinyl sidings, EIFS is available in a limitless number of combinations of textures, colour and decorative elements like window trims, sills, keystones, columns and cornices. Will you go with the classical Italian look with beautifully decorated windows and doors? How about a sleek, modern-looking design that sticks primarily with straight lines and greys/whites? EIFS can accommodate nearly any architectural style and home design. You’ll be able to flex your creative muscles to figure out what style will suit both you and your neighbourhood.

What Was That About Insulation?

Possibly the biggest benefit that EIFS has over brick is that it insulates your home. That’s not to say that insulation boards can’t be added under a new brick wall, but that requires tearing off the old one with all the associated expenses and environmental impact. EIF-Systems incorporate a layer of insulation that drastically reduces the flow of heat from the inside to outside, or vice-versa, and can be installed directly over existing brick with a cement-based adhesive.

The increased insulation decreases the amount of heat lost from your home in the winter, as well as the heat gained during the summer. This means your furnace and air conditioner needs to work less, consuming less fuel and electricity to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. EIFS again demonstrates it’s ability to reduce your expenses and your impact on the environment.

The only question that remains is: Are you ready to say goodbye to drafty winter nights and wasteful heating bills?

Don’t forget – a standard EIFS installation is not as impact-resistant as brick, but it can be. Wall surfaces next to a driveway or walkways will benefit from additional reinforcing high impact mesh available from EIFS manufacturers like DuROCK. For a small investment, you can protect your walls from unsightly dents and damage that can be costly to repair. Get a stucco home quote today from a contractor who will take the time to recommend where you should have high impact mesh installed.

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