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Increase EIFS Durability with High Impact Mesh

Insulating your home with EIFS is a huge investment in not only the comfort of your home, but the value of it. The comfort of not having drafty rooms that you or your children have to sleep in can’t be measured in dollars. In measurable terms of value however, the insulation that is added reduces […]

Maintenance Guide For EIFS (Stucco)

You’ve completed your stucco renovation, and hope the contractor did a good job. But did he leave you with any guidelines for maintaining your new wall system? Chances are slim that the contractor took a long-term interest in the condition of your home, but you should and we’ll show you how. Whenever possible, contact the […]

Which EIF-System Should You Have Installed?

It’s a fallacy that all EIF-systems are created equally. EIFS installations are more intricate and detailed than other claddings, which is one of the reasons that it outperforms nearly all other claddings when it comes to water management, insulation and aesthetics. They’re ideal not only for new homes being built to last for decades, but […]

Stucco Home Insurance: How Does EIFS Affect Insurance

Stucco (or more accurately, EIFS) is enormously popular on homes in and around the Greater Toronto area due in large part to it’s great aesthetic appeal and it’s ability to insulate, thereby reducing heating and cooling bills. It’s become a “hot topic” (pun intended) for insurance companies – moreso in the U.S. than Canada – […]

Synthetic Stucco – Why Weeping Holes Are Important

Synthetic Stucco (actually known as EIFS) is a popular cladding among both commercial buildings and residential homes in Northern climates because of it’s superior ability to insulate a wall and manage moisture. The moisture management comes primarily from 2 important components of EIFS: The weather barrier (typically trowel-applied) that acts as a back-up defense against […]

  • What is Stucco?

    "Stucco" is typically what people in the Toronto area use when they're looking for EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, or "synthetic stucco"). We use the two terms interchangeably.

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