The Influence on Colour with the Best Online Casinos

A decade ago, many casinos had bright, and garish colors to attract different players. The intention was to have a visual feast for players to experience so that they could be drawn in and retained. As time has grown, trends have also evolved. Today, excellent online casinos are more muted and minimalistic in their nature. The use of color helps to amplify certain aspects of the site rather than attract too much attention by being overbold. The result of this change in the use of color is that the games have become the heroes in the casinos. Now, it is the colors of the games that stand out, drawing the attention of players. Just like a home, casinos also experience some influence with color. Here is what you need to know.

Start With the Surroundings

The surroundings of a home are the primary influence on what color you will use to paint your outdoor walls. These surroundings include the flora and fauna, the colors in your neighborhood, and even the visibility of the sky. Once you have considered the surroundings in this way, you can take it to the next level and consider lighting. Lighting when you are building focuses on the sun, and how shadows may be cast on the walls and windows of the home. In some cases, your use of color may be trying to amplify light, whereas in other cases you may want to darken an area. Have you considered why casinos use colors in the way that they do? In modern casinos, there are often only two to four colors that are prominently used. One bright color will highlight key parts of the site, while others will help amplify it. The background colors of the site tend to be dark or neutral so as not to result in too big a distraction from the games and other elements of the site. Surroundings for online casinos infer that design needs to consider competing casinos. To determine which is a competing casino, one can consider the number of games, software providers, bonuses and promotions, or loyalty programs that are similar. This is what the players are looking for. From a design perspective, it helps to understand the customer experience from one site to the next.

Compliments and Contrasts

Colors in a building will either complement each other to have a calming effect or contrast to draw attention. When you want something to stand out, you should focus on contrasting colors. This is ideal when designing certain aspects of the online casino such as the navigation bars. When using complementary colors, you are seeking to create a subtle effect that can highlight a particular aspect of the site. This could be bringing out the information from a bonus offer. Or creating a scrolling box with the latest offers on the site. Normally, with complementary colors, you may find the same color being used with one shade being dark and the other light. Textures may also be brought forward from the use of colors. A certain color may have a finish that gives the impression of marble or even a bright wall. In casinos, this can help bring forth a 3D effect, making the casino seem more realistic and immersive for players. Colors allow for incredible flexibility and setting the tone for what the casino has to offer. They can change depending on the targeted player. In some countries, the color of the casino is based on superstition or an understanding of what a lucky color could be.

The Brilliant Sol Casino

The look and feel of Sol casino is a stunning example of how color can be used to bring out the best in a casino. Sol means sun, giving the expectation that the color should be a bright yellow. This may appear garish, so instead, the casino uses a distinctive but muted orange shade to highly key parts and buttons in the casino. The background color of the site is a dark shade of grey. This color is less harsh than stark black or white which are often the standard colors for backgrounds. In, it complements the orange perfectly. Other sun-related colors are used for icons within the site, including shades of yellow and red. To create interest. Fonts are orange and white for ease of reading. Throughout the site, color is used to highlight information. Other than that, this casino allows the bright colors of each of the games to stand out and shine.