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Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) or “Synthetic Stucco” comes in a variety of different finishing texture options. Depending on what part of the country you’re in, different textures may be prevalent. Using the EIFS manufacturer Durabond as an example, the most common as seen around the Greater Toronto Area are as follows:

Marble Coat 1.0

Marble Coat 1.0

Marble Coat 1.0

Marble Coat 1.0 is one of the most popular EIFS finish coats. Often, this coating will appear darker on a wall than off of  a colour chart due to the minute shadows cast by the aggregates.

Marble Coat 1.5

Marble Coat 1.5

Marble Coat 1.5 is perhaps the most popular synthetic stucco texture. The quarts acrylics are larger than the Marble Coat 1.0 which gives it a rougher look. This EIFS texture will also appear darker on the wall than on a colour chart due to shadows.

Venetian Stucco


Venetian is rarely used on homes – primarily commercial projects. The random grains/”worm holes” are created by sparse quartz acrylics being moved around by the applicator’s trowel. As such, it takes a little more skill than other finish coats to apply, and is slightly more expensive.

Spray Stucco Texture

Spray Texture

Sprayed textures are more common in the southern United States and Alberta. Sprayed textures are quicker to apply, but are messier and more wasteful than applying the stucco coating by trowel. Though not proven, it has been said anecdotally that sprayed textures do not stick to the wall as securely.

Brush Coat

Brush Coat

Brush Coat is a roller or paint-brush applied texture that contains extremely fine aggregates. Because it is applied similar to paint, it is easier to color mouldings and decorative trim. Using brush coat on exterior trim and a textured coating such as Marble Coat 1.0 on the wall provides a contrast that goes further than simply a difference in colour.

There is a brief summary. While the descriptions offered provide what is common (and perhaps even best practice) – in the end it all comes to personal choice. While the Marble Coat textures may be the most popular on homes, Venetian is sometimes used as well and if there are multiple homes clad with EIFS in your neighbourhood, it may even help your home stand out.

Your stucco contractor should be able to assist you in making a good decision for your own home if you are unsure. They should also be able to get you a 6″x6″ sample in the colour and texture of your choice so that you can get a good idea of what it will look like.

Your colour selection will also be a personal choice – most people like to play it safe and stick with a beige/sandstone/light brown colour, which gives a “warm” look. Use of different greys in a fine-texture for the walls and trim can assist in creating a “modern” appearance. Dark greens work surprisingly well with the tan colours, to see an example just look at the trim of the next LCBO you drive by. One factor to consider when choosing a colour that everyone might not like – is of course, resale value.

Other EIFS manufacturers such as Adex, Akrilon, Plaston, Durock, Sto, Dryvit and Senergy will have similar coatings, as well as completely unique textures.

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