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EIFS Cracking Due to Lack of Mesh

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems incorporate a coated fibreglass mesh designed to allow flexibility due to expansion and contraction, and prevent the base coat and finish coat from cracking. In situations where the base coat and finish coat crack, water is able to get into wall system where it can and will go through freeze/thaw cycles […]

The EIFS Lies Countinue

Source: It’s ironic this guy’s last name is Shepard, because he’s leading his clients astray. Even today, uninformed real estate agents, building inspectors and many others are posting and re-posting false information about EIFS. I just need to address a few of the issues with this article: 1) In 1994, moisture damage to the […]

Stucco Wall Graffiti Art

This is classified under “Hall of Shame”, but really it belongs in the “Hall of Fame”! I haven’t seen anything like this yet, and it could very well catch on in the coming years. The contrast is huge between the earthly-toned wall and vibrant colours, promoting the business to which the wall is a part […]

Raccoon Climbs Stucco, Permanent Damage

This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this. This part was a new addition to the house, and a window must have been open because what appears to be a raccoon climbed the EIFS wall while the finish coat wasn’t quite fully set, leaving his little claw marks all over the […]

Grocery Store Site Made Mouldings and Trim

This is why I always recommend for general contractors and architects to push for factory-made stucco trim. Take a close look at the shadows the trim is casting… EIFS contractors can usually save 15% on the EIFS mouldings by doing them on site – what is referred to as “site made” trim. While this is […]

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