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EIFS Walls Do Not Require Interior Polyethylene

Cliffs: The study points out that wall cavities (between the studs) in EIFS-clad buildings dried faster without the interior 4mil polyethylene barrier than with one. This is an important point to take a note of, because the majority of homes constructed use a 4mil polyethylene barrier between the drywall and studs based on outdated building […]

Stucco / EIFS Leaky Window Protection

Although Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS – Synthetic Stucco) has bared the brunt of the “leaky window” negative publicity, it is nevertheless a problem that affects all sidings. The problem lies primarily with poor practices regarding the sealing of window frames and tie-ins with the weather barrier. Sto Corp (an EIFS manufacturer) has put out […]

Toronto Stucco/EIFS Average Price/Cost

An Updated version of this article is available for 2012 at: 2012 Guide To Budgeting For Your Stucco Renovation   When it comes to attaining a budget price for your home renovation, there are various (dozens, actually) of things that need to be taken into account. Some of them are: Time of year Time frame […]

The EIFS Lies Countinue

Source: It’s ironic this guy’s last name is Shepard, because he’s leading his clients astray. Even today, uninformed real estate agents, building inspectors and many others are posting and re-posting false information about EIFS. I just need to address a few of the issues with this article: 1) In 1994, moisture damage to the […]

Blueskin on Windows: Why Is It Important

Without a doubt, one of the most common areas of water intrusion on any building is around window openings. Improperly installed windows will allow water to leak in behind claddings and onto framing members, and when mould or rot appears, the cladding is often inaccurately blamed. The fact is that improperly installed windows will cause […]

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