Column Lacking Heavy Duty Mesh

Column Lacking Heavy Duty Mesh

Here is a post someone applied a stucco column to. Though the damage isn’t the end of the world, the applicators should have used a heavy duty (or “High Impact”) mesh as it is right on the porch/veranda of a house and is obviously going to see some high traffic. In this case it should at least be patched up, but if there was room on the far side (but there isn’t) I would even recommend a stucco column base molding, as they’re usually made of a stronger material and can take some abuse.

What’s underneat of the stucco? It could be a wood post, in which case I hope it was treated and the stucco sealed with insect vents at the bottom to prevent termite infestation.

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  1. luke

     /  January 11, 2010

    this mproblem is not about mesh or heavy duty (or “High Impact”)………the problem her is: no space on the bottom where stucco meets concrete, you have to leave 1/2 inch space.
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