Corner With High Traffic Lacking High Impact Mesh

Corner With High Traffic Lacking High Impact Mesh

In areas of high traffic (such as malls, backyards, sometimes even the front of the house), high impact (or “heavy duty”) mesh should be used to further reinforce the EIFS. High impact mesh provides for greater impact resistance and will stand up to peanut-brained neighbors or customers who feel like punching a hole in your wall. As you can see in the picture — the owner or contractor skimped on high impact mesh where there was obviously more than normal traffic (and therefore higher chance of impact) and the regular mesh just tore.

Oh yeah, you can’t patch EIFS without making it look like a… well… patch. Both walls need to be redone up to building joints to make it look homogenous.

Alternatively, a better solution would be to put quoins on the corner, which would not only cover the damage, but also make your house look much nicer. With quoins, EIFS repairs are much easier as you only need to replace the 1 damaged quoin.

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