Hardie Board Removal Reveals Mould and Rot Damage

Hardie Board is a product similar to EIFS that has quickly gained popular in the states and is on is making it’s way into the Canadian market. With great reviews and a high ROI (Remodeling Magazine), Hardie Board seems like a great siding for many who need not worry about insulating value. Unfortunately, it didn’t take the hard-learned lessons of the EIFS industry to heart. With a laxed grip over installation procedures, many projects were installed incorrectly – without underlying weather barriers or methods to allow moisture to escape. The result is what you see here.

Damaged Hardie Board Removed
Mouldy Hardie Board Removed
Hardie Plank Caused Rot - Removed
Trapped Water Beneath Hard Board

As you can see, the problem area is where most problems occur – around the wall penetrations (windows, doors, fixtures) and the corners. The project featured here even appears to have had the weather barrier installed.

No doubt it has a bright future in coastal areas where hurricanes and tornadoes can cause damage to walls, if it can just get it’s act together, and fast.

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